Uprising – 8.18.2020

6 HIM met up at 5:15 am to tackle Big Bertha this morning.   It’s never easy rolling out of bed thinking about that hill, but getting to the top makes it all worth it!

PAX: @Gremlin @Peewee @Joey Freshwater @Heidi @timeshare

Perfect weather, and we finished with a beautiful sunrise….and apparently some intense steam coming from my head.  I didn’t take that video by the way…didn’t want y’all to think I had “selfie steam” issues. Get it?  Ok, I’ve been around Kwame too long.
No code brown this week for me, so it was nice to actually stick around for COT:

Prayer requests:
@timeshare has a friend that was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it’s farther along than one would hope, so be praying for him and his family (I believe this is the same person that @Lone Star posted about the other day)
Prayers for all of our F3 brothers that are working through injury or illness right now.
Stay steamy gents

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