Uprising – 1.19.2021



9 HIMs got better today in the balmy gloom at #uprising…
@Three’s Company @Pancreas @Bogo @Fertile Myrtle @Peewee @Mary Ann @Timeshare and yes, no need to adjust your eyes- @Heidi !!!! Welcome old friend!
The warmer weather had everyone excited to get going so we took off at 5:31 (much to the Q’s chagrin) and headed for Bertha. Once we arrived at basecamp YHC encouraged the pax to go balls up and run up Bertha without using your heels, staying on the balls of your feet. Isolate the calves. It was painful, and some exercised their inalienable right to modify as necessary, but we got through it as a team, as the lead pack multiple times went back to bring up the six. @Maryann had his first go at Bertha and loved it (at least that’s the impression he gave off- well done!).
We got back late so a couple missed out on the moleskin and prayer requests, so I’ll summarize here:

@Cosmo on Q tomorrow at #fort-pain , 5:30 start (or 5:00 for a pre party ruck or run)
@Bogo on Q at #the-trapp on Thursday

YHC’s bro who is recovering from 3 blood clots after knee surgery
Ron Swanson’s M
Our country this week as inauguration happens
Others from the #prayerrequests channel recently (continue to use this channel to keep pax praying for you!)

Everyone struggles with our marriages, we need to really be intentional with our communication. It’s easy to say, very difficult to do. When we let the little things go without saying anything (sometimes to not ‘rock the boat’, other times don’t feel like it’s worth it to make a mountain out of a molehill) they start to accumulate whether we consciously think they are or not. Then what happens is we blow up at a small thing and we wonder why. It’s natural to want to keep the peace, but what actually happens when you communicate all the things you are feeling with your M is you are strengthening your relationship in the long term. And the short term it gives you the ability to bring minor things up in a playful or non-threatening way that hopefully you both can laugh about, either right then or perhaps a little time later.
Focus on communicating intentionally and WELL with your M! It will only strengthen your marriages!

Pleasure to gloom with y’all this morning men!

Until next time, Kwame OUT

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