Fort Pain – 1.20.2021

Green Monster Part 2
PAX: @Ginsu @Timeshare @Kwame @Heidi @odouls (FNG) @Fertile Myrtle @Dizzy Gillespie @Chowdah @Operation @Maryann @Dipstick @Foosball @Tiny Dancer @Peewee @Ponzi (FNG) @Three’s Company @Lone Star YHC
QIC: @Cosmo
5 Good Mornings OYO
20 SSHs IC
20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Hillbilly Walkers IC
20 Hand Release Merkins OYO
20 Mountain Climbers IC
YHC heard some rumbling about this being a “long” warm-o-rama but the clock don't lie and only say 5 minutes elapsed. @Dizzy Gillespie said he wanted to run, so off the PAX went with a Mosey towards the playhouse, stopping 3 times for Squats, Merkins, and Burpees. At PeeWee's Playhouse, PAX was informed to find their pair, sack up, and mosey off to the Green Monster…we were going to baptize some fresh souls with one of F3SH's most humbling experiences.
Three PAX stayed at the Playhouse to modify some work. Big kudos to AOQ @Heidi and @Operation for embodying the philosophy of no man left behind.
Once at the Green Monster, PAX were told to make their way to the bottom and to gird their loins for a throwback to @Pancreas' infamous “Box of Pain” Q.
Green Monster Part 2
Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 does mode of transportation up to the summit, then Partner 2 does exercise while Partner 1 does mode of transportation to summit.
Squats / Lunge Walk
American Hammers / Politicians
Burpees / Sprint half then Bear Crawl half
Time was running short, so PAX moseyed back to the Playhouse to link up as a full group again and then circled up for an abbreviated round of Failure to Launch before moseying back down the hill to the flags for COT and time.
Cannonball Run Planning/2nd F event tomorrow night at 7PM at Martin's
January 30 6-mile Ruck at 5AM at Harvey Park
@Dizzy Gillespie has the Q at Armory
YHC has the Q at Ridge
@Chowdah is making progress with the TRAPP Charity Race
@Foosball is sending out 3rd F info on Friday likely
@Chowdah's Mom (Carol) recovering with those extra stints thankfully put in
Praise for F3 Podium (@Kwame's Brother) who is also recovering from post-op blood clots
@Heidi's brother, Vespa, dealing with knee pain and a recent car accident resulting in some whiplash
@Operation's friend's son who is dealing with a serious growth that may impair leg use
YHC tried to keep it short and sweet. Today is a big day for our country. We're absolutely a rarity in the world. Today we see the peaceful transition of power through a democratic process that has been a permanent fixture of this republic, built for the people and by the people, since 1776. We're not perfect. We very well may never be perfect. But as Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults. Be grateful today. Be humbled today. Billions of people across this globe do not have the same freedoms we have. Regardless of how you feel about today, understand that we are called to worship one God and not politicians. Let's honor the sacrifices and efforts of those before us, honor the priceless gift of freedom we inherited, and express immense humility and gratitude to Him for it.
SYITG, Cosmo out.
Fort Pain Breakout Group 
3 PAX, @Heidi @Operation and FNG O'douls, broke away from the main Fort Pain group to do a modified Thang:
Mosey mid-way up the trail towards the Green Monster
2 rounds of alternating hill sprints & burpees
Mosey back to the Playhouse for 2 minute AMRAPs of the following, with 30 second rest in between each.
– Dips
– Merkins
– Squats
– WW1's
– Apolo Ohnos
– American Hammers
The main group showed back up as we were finishing our Hammers, so we finished out with them.
Great job pushing it on your first day O'douls!

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