The Standard – 12.9.21

12.9.21 | The Standard | Battleground | 11 PAX | Beyond Perfect Conditions
@Swingline / Jason Aeverman @Dentist (Tiny Dancer) @BigBang @Import (Jess Bardin) @Margo (Todd Burns) @redtees @Tuna @Stirrups @Flava @House Arrest and YHC
Disclaimer “thanks for joining… follow me”
two lines, dynamic stretching. High knees, butte kicks, open and close the gates, a lil hammys.
Thang – Agility Day – two lines of cones. longer spaces between the first and second, and the second to last and last. Sand bags and rucks are waiting at the end, which u alternate between reps.
x4: bear crawl to first cone, bunny hopes over cones, sprint to last cone. Then sandbags had cleans and rucks had floor to ceiling ea x 8
Rucks and sandbags down to floor 1 and back up.
10 burpee jump overs
X4: burpee broad to first come, side stepping in cones, and spring to finish. Sandbags had clean and squats and rucks had high pulls.
Rucks up w/ bags down and up. Those without sandbags crawlbeared up stairs and bear crawled down.
5 one legged burpees ea side.
x4 Craw bear to first cone, shuffles through, sprint to finish. Endorphins x8 and partner overhead hold.
rucks up w/bags. Up and down. Double merks burpees.
sprint to first cone, one legged hops through sprint to finish. Endorphins and something that I can’t remember.
Rucks and sandbags down and leave. Mosie to the top.
10 pulls ups (we also did some pull ups earlier). Mosie around the 6th floor to the bottom of the final ramp in a line. Hold plank, 1 at a time shoulder taps x10 and sprint to the top then bear crawl down.
Lastly, two knee tucks from plank and sprint.
Announcement: 3rd F event with Franklin on the 12th for a night of worship. 7-9.
Prayer request: @Shocker (Mark Holmes) and his M Donna to heal up and feeling better.
We must recognize we have a wealth of knowledge within F3 and every man has either gone through what you’re going through or can shed some light. Lean on that. While also knowing as God’s children, we are meant for this, built for this. It may be uncomfortable at times – but this is where you grow.
Moleskin was inspired by having a long convo with @OT (Oregon Trail) regarding some work happenings. Thank you brother.
Foos out.

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