The Armory – 12.11.21

The Day Heidi Tried To Kill Us
13 Warriors (including 1 FNG!) were undeterred by the weather this morning and showed up to get stronger! I think half the crew showed up an hour early for a pre-party so they could play with metal plates during the storm.
PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Thin Mint @Earhart @Lone Star @Pancreas @Night Light @Timeshare @Three’s Company @Offsides @Ginsu @Operation
FNG: @Al Roker (not to be confused with Al Gore…)
QIC: @Heidi (1st F Q)
Welcome & Disclaimer
F3 Spring Hill meets outdoors and works out hot or cold, rain or shine. As Dredd has been know to say, inclement weather is a feature of outdoor workouts.
SSH, Squats, BAC, Stretches
Thang 1: (brought to you by former Navy SEAL Stew Smith)
Killer Combo of Pushups / Squat Pyramid:
As a group:
10 merkins/10 squats – mosey across the lot to Rec Center entrance
20 merkins/20 squats; mosey back to start
RnR…up to 50/50
Thang 2:
Mosey back behind the Rec Center, bear crawling up the hill along the way.
Endless Dora – Pair up on top of the hill. PAX 1 does non-stop Big Boy Situps, while PAX 2 bear crawls down the hill to the parking lot and then sprints to the center parking line for 5 Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees aka PCMBs. PAX 2 then moseys back to the grass, bear crawls up, and swaps out with PAX 1. There is no designated number of reps, just a continuous circuit until the Q calls time. We did this for around 25 minutes.
Mosey back to the start where we did the reverse Pushups / Squat Pyramid, starting at 50/50 and working our way down to 10/10.
Christmas parade today (hopefully)
See #_announcements for more
@Al Roker and family as they move out to TX
All of our brothers at the Bell Ringer this morning
Kids/students as they go into finals week before Christmas break.
After COT these came up as prayers as well:
Spicoli from F3 Franklin has passed away from cancer. Prayers for his family and the PAX that knew him well.
All of those affected by the storm last night. Extensive damage across multiple states, including devastation in Mayfield, KY
This morning was hard and miserable, but we got up and did it anyway. In life, you will encounter hard and miserable days. As HIM, we get up and face them anyway.

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