The Ridge – 1.16.2021

The Ridge – 03 “Is someone throwing rocks at us?”
PAX: @Operation and YHC
QIC: @Cosmo
Conditions: Temps in the mid-30s, felt like high-20s.
Minimal wind. Sporadic snow and sleet. Partly cloudy until dawn.
Welcome Party
YHC showed up early and started getting his ruck setup while bidding farewell to the inspiring champs who took off into the night. Do you know the only difference between a champ and a chump? U.
Around this time, YHC received word that Operation was running late so it was off to the pavilion (now named The Mess) for some solo warmup work.
25 SSHs IC
10 Reverse LBACs IC
10 Good Mornings OYO
25 Air Squats IC
High Knees Parking Lot & Back
Sprints Parking Lot & Back
By now, Operation showed up and it was time to roll. YHC was rocking 30# with full 3L hydration bladder and full 1L Nalgene. Operation was rolling with 30#.
Evolution 1 – Ruck It
Repeat of last week to a degree. 2.26 miles loop from Armory, through The Ridge, and back to Armory with a time hack. Miles 1 and 2 required a time hack of sub 15:30 mins. Failure to meet the standard resulted in 15 ruck-jump burpees per failed mile.
PAX thought they were setting a good pace, but maybe the mumble chatter (which was solid) was distracting because every pace check was revealing much slower than imagined. Regardless, both time hacks were met.
Standard rules applied (if you don’t know them, show up and learn them) regarding streets and the Dogtrack.
Evolution 2 – The Three S’s
Back to The Mess for some PT
10 Rounds
10x Ruck Shoulder Press
10x Squat
10x Ruck Swing
PAX hit the timecap of approx 15 mins (needed that last 30 mins dearly) and got through approx. 6-7 rounds. Solid work but the lackluster pace of the first Ruck was evident now.
Evolution 3 – Giles Corey
Another great Giles Corey closer for the PAX. First mile, YHC lugged the extra ruck with 20# of bricks in it. Operation carried it the second mile. It was during this evolution that sleeting began, and Operation uttered the backblast tag line. PAX had to pick up the pace a few times and ultimately had to shuffle back to Armory to catch the tail end of COT for the Armory crew.
(YHC Note: Need the PAX to give this bag a proper name of some ex-girlfriend because like all extra weights, it’s a heartbreaker and is full of red flags we should’ve prepared for)
YHC really enjoyed getting to mumble chatter with Operation and build that second F while crushing the first F. The overall conversation, and a recent podcast, left YHC considering his F3 tribe and what this all means to him. They say the greatest miracle Jesus ever pulled off was finding 12 close friends in his 30s. No other deep thoughts here, just appreciation for the PAX of F3 Spring Hill and special appreciation for Operation’s fellowship this particular
morning. Hoping to see more ruckers in future mornings, but until then…
SYITG, Cosmo

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