The Armory – 1.16.2021


The Armory
11 HIM went out with full hearts, wet, cold fingers, and numb toes to get stronger on a wet 33° morning. @Three’s Company @Pancreas @Peewee @Joey Freshwater @Timeshare @Lone Star @Dizzy Gillespie @Fertile Myrtle @Snooki @Heidi and YHC @Bogo
30 SSH – Q note: initially no one was counting other than @Pancreas, who ironically wasn’t even doing them. Somehow he kept count with us while retying his shoes. That’s skill! I bet you can rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time too.
10 Merkins
5 Burpees
Mosey around the park

Partner up for DORA to cumulatively do
100 Burpees
200 WWI sit-ups
300 Merkins
200 American Hammers
100 Burpees
While one partner does the main exercise, the other moseys to the playground for 5 pull-ups.
I saw that a few groups got into the last set of Burpees, but I don’t think anyone finished and most were still on AH.
At 6:45 we took another mosey lap around the park and then circled up for a round of Mary until time.
Freddie Mercury
Hello Dolly
Alabama prom date
60s plank
Hello Dolly with cross over (name?)
Flutter kicks
4 count leg raises til time
Probably forgetting something here, sorry!
Integrity literally translates to “without wax” because ancient sculptures would cover mistakes with wax, and it would later be revealed when the wax melted in the hot sun.
Recently I had to process a situation where someone I respect did something that I personally thought could have been handled much better. That’s always a hard situation and what I ultimately had to fall back on was that over time they’ve shown themselves to be trustworthy and kind, and this one situation was the exception. We’re all human, imperfect, and make mistakes, but because of their character I could trust that this one situation wasn’t normal for them.
My challenge for you is to think about what your character, mainly your habits and what you do consistently, says about you. We all mess up but can someone see consistent good and trust that when you mess up it’s not your character?
Cannonball run is coming up. Ask @Heidi if you want more info.
Regular Murph tomorrow Monday at #murphmonday

@Fertile Myrtle as his daughter is going into the Army. Both for his 2.0 and for his family who is still processing it.
@2Buck who’s been feeling overwhelmed and having headaches. Prayers that he can get some peace and unplug for a few days.
@Three’s Company SIL and the family trying to support her
@Joey Freshwater who’s 2.0 is now driving. Prayers for him and for the rest of SH.
@Ron Swanson M who is overwhelmed and experiencing night terrors
It was a lot of fun getting to lead you today, thanks for having me!
@Bogo out

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