Roughnecks – 8/30/21

PAX – @Offsides @Mulligan @PrimeTime Kwame @Hot Mic Tribute @Ginsu
Warmups – Good mornings, runner stretch, Willie May’s
Thang 1 – ~3/4 mile ruck at moderate pace
Thang 2 – ~3/4 mile ruck under weight (80#, 80#, 60#, 40#, 35#), switch up halfway
Thang 3 – ~3/4 mile ruck, 80# swap every 2 min
Kwambine this Saturday at Fisher Park (Armory Field Trip)
Ping pong pepper 9/11 7pm
Waverly mission day trip this Wed, @Hot Mic Tribute for details
Waverly folks
Those impacted by hurricane Ida
2Buck, Heidi, Yaris and our other brothers going through tough times currently
We all have burdens in our lives. Trying to shoulder them on our own weighs us downand ties us out quickly. By sharing our burdens, we lessen our load. Satan wants us to think we are on our own and going through our issues that no one else has. But when we fellowship and share our troubles and concerns, we can draw strength from each other knowing that we have support around us. God wants us to be in fellowship with Him and each other. F3 is a great example of this and being in this group is a bonus for all of us by having strong men to lean on and be there to lean on when needed.

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