Darkhorse – 8.28.21

7 PAX @Yaris @OPIE @The Boot @Gutter Ball @Heidi (1st F Q) @Oscar Mayer @Tijuana (QIC) showed up this AM at #ao-darkhorse for a VQ beatdown from YHC? (Not sure what that means)
6:00 warm-o-rama
15 Merkins in cadence
15 side straddle hops in cadence
10 baby arm circles in cadence
10 back baby arm circles in cadence
Michael Phelps on your own
5 Good mornings on your own
Elementary school teachers used to make us roll our heads around in circles… so we did that too.
Thang 1
Tour of Riverwalk Park from the basketball court to the dam.
If we see a boat ramp, we have to bear crawl down and back up, if we need to modify crawl bear.
If we see a rabbit and someone yells RABBIT we have to drop and do 20 merkins
If we see a squirl and someone yells SQUIRREL we have to drop and do 20 Big boy situps.
Count off in 2’s
Pair up 1s with the 2s to their right for a double file mosey pace darkhourse run. Every time we see a park bench there will be DORA exercise. First partner begins excercise, while second partner MODE of transportations to orange cone.
Not sure we did them in this order.. but this was the plan
Bench 1
100 LBCs, politician
Bench 2
100 squats, bear crawl
Bench 3
100 Big Boy situps, bunny hop
Bench 4
100 surrenders, sprint7v
Bench 5
100 Merkins, lunge walk
Noticed we were running out of time at this point so last 2 benches got skipped.
<skipped>Bench 6 or the DAM
100 burpees, bear crawl
<skipped>In case I mis counted.
100 Apalo Onos, sprints.
Thang 2.
Boat ramp parking area
Coupon race 1s vs 2s.
@The Boot won this even though it was a team event by crushing the coupon.
Time (hopefully)
This has been a tough week to “exist”. I have felt particularly sad about Afghanistan and fearful of the coronavirus. I think it’s ok to feel sad sometimes. I think to often in our world we get made to feel weak or like we are a failure if we share that fearfulness or sadness publicly. It’s ok to let your support people know when you don’t have it all under control. It’s ok to share “manly” vulnerabilities with other people. That’s what makes F3 so special is we have an awesome place where we can all come together as men and share struggles with each other that men/dads/fathers have.
Unlike social media, where it’s exactly the opposite. Where were were supposed be Indestructible muscle men with beautiful wives, kids, cars, houses, and lawns.
So my moleskin today is to remind us all that the F3 Spring Hill is full of men trying to get better everyday, many of whom have struggled with things already, are struggling with things already, have defeated some things already, and men who are now thriving after enduring all different types of difficulties. I read online last night that sometimes the hardest part struggling with something is thinking your alone or are the only one struggling.
So I want to encourage everyone to share with each other on slack these kinds of things. Even if your not having anything going on right now you may have beaten something in the past. And even sharing that past struggle/ triumph with the group may be just the encouragement another one of us needs to open up and get help from the group.
It’s hard to talk about your own difficulties with someone who never shares theirs—so this is a two-way street.
Prayer requests
@Heidi (1st F Q) ‘s wife diagnosed with breast cancer, prayers for healing ASAP
Prayers for @Yaris marriage

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