Roughnecks – 8.09.2021

PAX: @Cosmo – ComzQ and Chief Roughneck @Offsides @Hot Mic FNG @Zebra and YHC @Ginsu
Warmup:  Good mornings; Mountain Man Poopers; Runners Stretch

Lap around park
Thang 1
4 rounds
20 deadlifts
30 shoulder taps
Lap around park
Thang 2
Ruck Curls
0:45 OH Ruck Hold
Lap around park
Thang 3
2 rounds
10 8ct Body Builders
20 Squats
Lap around park
Thang 4
4ct flutter kicks to time (17 total)
Crucible, Sat Aug 21
GoRuck Tough (9/11 20th anniv), Fri Sep 10
Prayer Requests:
No new prayers, continued prayers for those already mentioned previously
YHC shared message from church.  Symbol was tree being rooted and needing water to survive and thrive.  Tree doesn't get water, leaves on the outer most edges start turning brown.  Easy to mistake for blight or insect issue or other cause.  Relating to us, we need the Word to survive.  Lack of the Word and we start wilting and turning brown on the edges (things start going wrong in our lives).  It's easy to search the internet to try to find a fix for misdiagnosis for why things are going wrong.  Likely it's that we aren't getting enough Word in our lives to fully nourish us.  Encouragement is to spend time in the Word and to hold the truths provided there close in our hearts.
As always, it's and honor to work with you men in the gloom!  Thank you for your efforts this morning!

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