Proving Grounds – 12.02.21

9 PAX (including 1 FNG), and possibly 1 cadaver, took the DRP and came out to prove to themselves just what they were capable of at #ao-proving-grounds!
Q got there early to set up the parking lot for today's beatdown, only to discover an 18 wheeler pulling a mobile surgery unit parked in my spot. Oh well, modify as necessary.
PAX: @Pancreas @Rudolph @Night Light @Veronica @Singlet @Soul Glo @Clipart @halfpipe (FNG Half Pipe)
Q: @Heidi (1st F Q)
F3 Welcome and disclaimer
SSH while we waited on @Soul Glo to show up and join us
Squats, Merkins, stretches, and BACs.
Thang 1:
Burpee Cone Mosey
Q had cones set up across the parking lot for the following:
Mosey to first cone, 2 burpees, politician back to start
Mosey to second cone, 4 burpees, politician back to start
RnR, increasing by 2 at each cone, up to 10 burpees, then decreasing by 2 back down to start.
Thang 2:
Toyota Tow Time
PAX split into 2 teams of 4, single file, with YHC just bouncing between teams as odd man out.
We started a non-stop circuit of the following:
PAX 1: Grab a tow strap and start pulling the 4Runner across the parking lot
PAX 2: 10 burpees
PAX 3: non-stop squats
PAX 4: non-stop SSH
When PAX 2 finishes burpees, he runs to relieve PAX 1 on the tow straps, who then rejoins the team in the PAX 4 slot, and everyone moves up 1 slot.
RnR until about 10-15 minutes left on the clock
Thang 3:
Apple Turnovers
Back to the cones! Start bear crawling, when you get to a cone flip over and walk-crap, flipping back to bear crawl at the next cone.
RnR for multiple rounds.
Thang 4:
Repeat Burpee Cone Mosey
RnR until time.
While finishing up Thang 2, we were interrupted by what we thought was a smaller surgery truck. It turned out to be a delivery van dropping off what appeared to be a human body in a body bag on a gurney. I tried to get a pic/video, but they moved pretty quickly. It would seem that they have done this before.
See #_announcements
@Soul Glo family traveling
@Half Pipe family illness, and them getting transitioned and settled in Spring Hill
All of us to get right and live right as men
Great job this morning!
SYITG, Heidi

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