Prime Time – 12-1-21

11 HIM got after it despite the threat of rain to get a good solid run in some beautiful temps for the first day of December…
@Rudolph @Earhart @Fertile Myrtle @MapQuest @Cross-Stitch @Snooki @Danica @Soul Glo YHC and 2 FNGs!! @Brick and @blossom
Ran together through the neighborhood and behind TDs house, up to duplex for the dip, than back commonwealth to home base.
Great run that ended with a COT, then as we were getting up from prayer a woman yelled to us “are you guys F3?” and it was on from there. She was super excited, brought over her two friends (they were all working out at Longview Rec), and we handed them all business cards and chatted them up for about 10 minutes. I expect some new FNGs soon from this encounter!
Announcements: check slack, all pax bonfire, 24-hr marathon, etc etc
Prayer requests: December 7th for @Snooki ‘s brother, general prayer for all the injured pax, prayers for all the CSAUP participants coming up (24-hr marathon, bell ringer, @Chowdah – Community Outreach ‘s 50 mile run this weekend).  And new guy Drew (aka @blossom) with family dealing with depression this time of year.
Moleskin: Grace. Grace is a widely talked about virtue that is throughout the Bible. During this holiday season there are many stressors out there, people can be on edge, whether that's family, friends, coworkers, strangers. Please actively pursue extending grace to all those you come into contact with- we never know what someone else might be dealing with where your grace extended to them might be just what they need!
Kwame OUT

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