Proving Grounds – 10.14.21

PAX: @Ginsu @Veronica @Joey Freshwater @Clipart @OPIE @Buckeye @Night Light

Q: @Soul Glo

8 PAX gathered in the gloom to grind and grit and get better.

Imperial Walkers
Hillbilly Walkers
Michael Phelps
Good mornings
Abe Vigodas (slower this time)PAX lined up at one end of the parking lot. The mission is to travel across, stopping at each line to do an exercise. The parking lot had 20 lines.Thang 1:
MOT: murder bunnies, do a blockee at each line
MOT back: coupon walking lunges, do a over the shoulder press at each lineThang 2:
MOT: single arm farmer carry, do five rows at each line
MOT back: murder bunnies, do a coupon WW1 at each lineThang 3:
MOT: coupon walking lunges, 5 derkins at each line
MOT back: single arm farmer carry, 5 squats at each line using coupon for depth


T Claps to @Ginsu for annihilating this.

Grey Ghost October 23
Nolensville CSAUP October 30
#f3dads October 31
TN Tussle November 6, tomorrow is deadline to register
@MaryAnne ‘s M Christmas toy drive for 130 foster kids


There’s a lot of value in not giving up, pushing through it, and finishing. That’s one of the things I get out of F3 and I think the other PAX do as well. In today’s culture of instant gratification, people don’t want to do hard things. They don’t want to grind through it. They want it and they want it right now. They don’t want to wait. Those who can finish something, those who can put in the work, those who simply refuse to give up, those are the man who stand out. That’s leadership. If you just don’t give up, it’s amazing what that can do in your life. Let’s take on the day and let’s finish things today.

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