Cindy Crashes Fort Pain – 5.26.21

PAX: @Yo-Yo @thinmint @Cosmo @Blackout @Flash Dance @Dizzy Gillespie @Singlet @Soul Surfer @Jalisco @fancyfeast @Procter @Underroos @Blue Buffalo
QIC: @tiny dancer

Good mornings
50 ssh
10 merkins
Calf/Achilles stretches
10 squats

Burpee apocalypse (10-1)

20 straight Cindy’s EMOM (we’ll be ready for Memorial Day!)

50 big boy sit-ups

100-150 m hill sprint to peewee’s playhouse
– 20 iron mikes at top
– Only had time for one rep (sorry for the time mismanagement).
Mosey back to flag – time

Go Ruck event in Cookeville this weekend. Holler at @Ginsu for details
Rucking CSAUP coming up in August. Holler at @Cosmo for details.

Prayer requests:
family that @Soul Surfer told us about
All those PAX who haven’t been posting

Read Mark 10:28-30
Jesus promised rewards 100 fold in exchange for things we give up for His Kingdom. Are we unwilling to give up something if asked? Are we attached to anything? Pride is a big one for us married men. Here’s a reflection – for those who lost internet yesterday, how did you react? Did you lose it, or did you gracefully otherwise occupy your time?
sermon to myself first and foremost: Our attachments prevent us from obtaining the level of sanctity to which we are called, because Christ can and probably will call us to do something which will require us to give up something to which we are attached (see Matthew 16:19-30). We can brake attachments through prayer, fasting, and mortification (cold showers, working out, etc.). Let us all (myself especially) remain intentional about purifying ourselves of attachments so we can become who we were called to be.

Hope the coffee and flavored water was refreshing over at the other AO.

TD out.

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