Battle Creek – 12.24.21

9 PAX came out this morning to see Santa and get a head start on Christmas Eve!
PAX: @Tiny Dancer @Ginsu @MapQuest @Christmas Underoos @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Pancreas @SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat) @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads)
QIC: @Heidi (1st F Q) Clause
Welcome & Disclaimer
As we circled up to start, we heard sleigh bells as @SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat) came around the corner lit up and jingling like a Salvation Army Santa!
SSH, Squats, Merkins, BACs, and stretches
Sandbag Circuit:
Split PAX into 2 groups, and all PAX start with non-stop burpees (modify w/ merkins). The first PAX in the line of each group takes off on the following circuit:
1 Bag toss (modify w/ granny toss)
2 Endorphins (modify w/ over shoulder throws)
3 Pullups (modify w/ dips)
4 Bag Hammer tosses (modify w/ A-hammers)
5 Bag squats (modify w/regular Squats)
Back to the burpee line and the next PAX runs through the circuit.
Q called intermission after each full round:
Lock in round 1 w/ 30 squats, 15 with bag on each shoulder; Kill the bag when done
Lock in round 2 w/ 30 lunges, bag on shoulders; Kill the bag when done
Lock in round 3 w/ 30 squats, bag on shoulders; Kill the bag when done
Back to the circuit.
Finisher: Assembly line – Line up side by side, every other PAX facing opposite direction, hold Al Gore and pass the bag down the line and back.
New running AO on 12/31!  @MapQuest will be taking us on a run from Station Hill Church to Dunkin Donuts! (maybe)
See #_announcements
@SoulSurfer (Mon, Wed and Sat) handling Christmas after the loss of M's father
@Christmas Underoos frustration and issues with their IV process
All of us as we go into Christmas with travels and family. Handling the next few days with patience, kindness, and love.
Kindle won't let me copy/paste, so here's the cliff notes:
Reading from Ecclesiastes (1:2; 14; 2:22), Solomon was remorseful for the way he'd spent his life chasing after material things instead of what really mattered. Relationships are more meaningful that items or activities. The most important relationship we can have is with God, and the next is with our families. Order you life according to what really matters. Make sure your priorities reflect what is truly valuable.
Great job this morning men! Keep Accelerating! Identify your limitations, and then work to push past them.

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