Battalion – 9.15.21

Pax: @Heidi (1st F Q) @Toomer @Ginsu @MapQuest @Hot Mic (Tribute) @Lone Star @Bubba Gump @Veronica
Warmo: Phelps, good mornings, SSH
Thang: Bethel University Punishment Runs
  • 5 burpees every 5 yards for 110 yards – 3/4 speed run back
  • Lunge walk down – 3/4 speed run back
  • Bear crawl down – 3/4 speed run back
  • Vertical Roll down – 3/4 speed run back
  • Shuffle every line we could find  and back
  • Mary till time (Al gore for 3 minutes)
Moleskin: use the holy spirit to Reboot, instead of what the world tries to tell you (over eating, drinking, isolating) and use proper rest.Prayers
hot mics dad – some positives in blood work, still having issues with oxygen
– black outs mom
– Heidi working new job, appointments with the wife
– Jalisco hurt his knee during the tough

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