Armory – 6.12.21

22 HIM subjected themselves to the Return of the Paincreas this morning at #the-armory

T-Claps to @Kwame for tattooing coupons before we started!
@Fertile Myrtle @Blue Buffalo @Lone Star @Ginsu @Heidi @Jalisco @Dizzy Gillespie @taco libre @Bogo @FICO @Chowdah @Soul Surfer @Singlet @Kwame @Three’s Company @MapQuest @Cosmo @Soul Glo @Night Light @Sanctions (pre-vac) QiC@Pancreas. Welcome FNG Steve!

OYO – 5 GM's, some front BAC's, Michael Phelps, shoulder press, 10 merkins, 10 squats
Grab yer coupon and mosey toward back of school, stopping along the way for 20 4-count shoulder taps with feet elevated on the fence.
Grab yer coupon again and mosey to grass behind the school: SSH Trifecta (regular, seal jacks, press jacks) and Mountain Climber Apocalypse (regular, cross climbers, froggy climbers). At this point, @Cosmo made the observation that Pancreas is back. Thanks Colonel!

The Thang
Partner up, grab yer coupon, and move to the pavement lanes for DORA!
MOT was coupon sled on pavement while stationary partner works toward 200 coupon curls, skull crushers, and alternating arm overhead shoulder presses (@2Buck you were with us in spirit)
It didn't take long for Q, who was struggling himself, to reduce the length of MOT and total reps to 150, then 120, then 100. (Although @Ginsu did about 400 of each). Finally I just asked @Heidi the timekeeper to time us out at 6:35.
Grab yer coupon, mosey southbound to the grass area with the small hill PERFECT for bear crawls and crawl bears for more DORA. RnR for time.
MOT: bear crawl down hill, then sprint to fence. Politician back to hill, crawl bear up hill to other partner
Stationary partner: squat thruster coupon throws. Thankfully nobody was hit by a coupon. I think @Bogo commented that this is potentially the most dangerous F3SH exercise. That is, second to the Swing Burpee.
Circle up for the forgotten warm-up exercises of 10 star jumps, followed by 5 Starpees…then another 5 Starpees.
Finish with 7 Minute Abs – thank you to @Cosmo and someone else who completed the movie reference!
1 minute each of:
Low plank with alternating leg lifts
Flutter Kicks (extra credit for arms out and head off the ground)
@ragdoll 's Politically Incorrect Small-Person Kicks
High plank double knee dips
Alabama Prom Dates while alternating legs in the air
TIME! Now grab yer coupon and mosey back for COT.
Fellowship of the M's: June 19th @ragdoll 's house
Convergence: June 26th in Nolensville
First Edition of F3SH newsletter “The Eagle” hit inboxes this morning. T-Claps to CommzQ @Cosmo !
Prayer Requests:
@Blue Buffalo 's mother Beverly
@Underroos MIL
@Cosmo 's neighbor's baby
@Heidi (and M) situation with their daughter
@Hot N Ready 's grandmother passed away
@Chowdah 's M's health
Praise for @Cosmo 's new job!
Each HIM received a small rock from the Q during Namorama. Q encouraged the PAX to envision a peaceful and still pond or lake. At first glance, it appears peaceful and still, but what else is happening? NOTHING. The Bible calls us to be peacemakers, and I'm not talking about disturbing healthy peace, creating drama, or being a jerk. My point is that often people don't want to rock the boat or make waves, but that can come at the risk of promoting dysfunctional peace. As someone who has been learning to be more assertive and bold in my adulthood, my flesh tends to be timid and resist conflict. Yet, as the Q Source mentions, High Impact men are called to bring proper Disruption and Impact in order to move a situation to Advantage. If we don't take action, it won't happen.
The PAX was encouraged to keep their rock somewhere to remind them of this calling and Q asked, “what areas of your life are stagnant or need disruption? In what way(s) is God calling you to throw your rock in the water?” Q finished by reminding the PAX that they have all been given a rock to throw, and don't think that they can't, because we were all throwing much heavier rocks just a few minutes earlier. We are all capable, and God will provide.
We are called to be men, called to be leaders, and called to do the hard things. And God will empower and provide for us in this endeavor. As 2 Timothy 1:7 assures us, “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline (or self-control).” Additionally, as Deuteronomy states, God will never leave us or forsake us.

It was great to lead again at #the-armory and I'm always humbled to be your brother. Great work to all of you HIMs! We got stronger together this morning! SYITG – Paincreas
*Important Nant'an Note: I felt convicted after the Q about FNG Steve's F3 name and decided we will rename him at his next post. I reached out to him directly to express this and I apologized on behalf of myself and the PAX. Steve appreciated it and we had a good exchange discussing the matter. Steve said he felt loved today by the whole group and has no hard feelings. He said he plans to HC for Murph Monday, so that's a good sign! :smiley:
As Q, it was my ultimate decision and responsibility to assign an appropriate name, and I had a lapse in judgment. We can throw out funny names during the naming process, but the assigned name needs to be something that a man can appropriately share with his M, 2.0's, grandma, and people at church. An F3 name may be funny and slightly embarrassing, and he certainly doesn't need to love his name, but it must be appropriate. This is the standard to guide us going forward. Learning opportunity for YHC and the PAX. #growth

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