Proving Grounds – 8.12.21

4 PAX showed up at #ao-proving-grounds today: @Baby Gap, @Heidi (1st F Q), @Operation, and QIC@Rudolph 
Carry the weight to the track
85# sandbag
65# sandbag
65# sandbag
20# slamball
Sandbag toss the northern .5 mile loop (clean the bag up, then throw it forward)
We made it .3 miles before running out of time and carrying the weight back.
HIM tossing the slamball had to do 5 burpees before picking it up each time.
Crucible next Saturday, August 21st! See #csaup.
@Heidi (1st F Q) prayers for upcoming job opportunity.
Taken from a recent conversation with a good friend….
When those around us experience loss, pain, or suffering, we have the opportunity to open our hearts to their situations and to grieve with them. In these moments, remember how much God loves the hurting and has compassion for them. This moves us to see the hurting through God’s eyes, and to love the hurting with God’s love, even if just in our limited human capacity. What a beautiful way to follow in our Lord’s footsteps, trying to love the broken like He does. And we are all broken!

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