Proving Grounds – 10.21.21

7 PAX endured at #ao-proving-grounds this morning: @2Buck@Hot Mic (Tribute)@Three’s Company@Soul Glo@Veronica@Singlet, and YHC @Rudolph.
  • Warmup: Stuff
  • Thang: Competing with ourselves
  • Station #1
  • Max big boy situps for time (90 seconds)
  • 100 burpees (minus situps completed)
  • Low boat hold till 6
  • Intermission
  • All shoulder tap while each PAX does 10 reps with slam ball for speed
  • Station #2
  • Max merkins until failure
  • 100 diamond merkins (minus merkins completed)
  • High plank till 6
  • Intermission
  • All iron mike while each PAX does a sandbag toss (60# or 100#)
  • Station #3
  • Lap around parking lot (.18 miles)
  • One air squat per second of your run
  • Mountain climbers till 6
  • Intermission
  • All PAX hold Al Gores while each PAX does 10 back squats with sandbag (60# or 100#)
  • Station #4
  • Max big boy situps for time (150 seconds)
  • 100 burpees (minus situps completed)
  • Station #5
  • Round of Mary
  • Announcements
  • Groove life rings. Need a minimum of 30. Our cost is around $22.
  • Darkhorse patches for $10 each. All proceeds go to efforts to stop human trafficking.
  • F3 dads on Halloween
  • Grey ghost on 23rd
  • Prayer Requests
  • @Singlet seeking god first. Not chase happiness, but joy.
  • @Soul Glo’s M’s birthday today. Make her feel loved and special.
  • @Paperboy’s father in law nearing end of life.
  • Moleskin
  • What is your 1st F “why”? One of mine is giving myself an opportunity to endure through difficulty in a safe and controlled space. When @Tiny Dancer or @Heidi (1st F Q) tells me to do 100 burpees, I know it’s going to be hard. And it will be a chance to test myself in difficult circumstances….and when life’s difficult circumstances come (trust me, they will), I will have some understanding of how I will react.
  • Note: It wasn’t until I got home this morning that the connection between my moleskin and the name of this AO hit me. I hope that this AO is truly a “Proving Grounds” where we can discover that we are stronger than we think we are, but also not strong enough to do it on our own. It takes brotherhood and a loving God who will never let us down to make it through life’s challenges.
Love you guys,

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