Very Gloomy Trail Run – 8.13.2020

4 HIM went out to #the-trapp this morning for a very gloomy trail run.
@Bogo @Kwame @Three’s Company @Peewee
3.45 miles of dense fog, so dense you couldn’t see more than a dozen feet in front of you. @Kwame had some trips and spills along the way, but at least he didn’t get lost this time.
It’s dark earlier, so plan on a headlamp when you come. I have an extra that I can loan out.
COVID still sucks

@Three’s Company mother who hurt her wrist and is struggling with feelings of despair around being injured.
@Kwame for his race this weekend (and his niece who’s doing it with them)
All of us struggling with new school rhythms and realities.

Y’all as I write this I’m exhausted. It was an early morning and a VERY busy day for me. Thursday’s normally are. Yet I’m grateful and glad that I got up and went out this morning. It’s harder when it’s dark. It’s harder when the gloom and fog is so thick. But we all need to get out and beat the gloom. It’s good for us.
@Bogo out

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