Uprising – Field Trip Edition – 3.23.21

58, clear, and a slight breeze
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Totally butchered in typical Lone Star fashion, grateful for no FNG’s although glad I got laughs at my expense. Should I start a comedy career, nah fam, I’m good.
The Thang:
As I had mentioned on Slack we were not starting at the depot for our usual meet-up with Bertha as we ignored the “you up” text from her. Instead we headed on a mystery route that only the QiC knew, meaning we had to stick together (which we mostly accomplished until the last leg).
Weaved around the streets of Spring Hill and when we got to the back of the UAW building we descended onto the old track that Saturn/GM employees used to have access to from the UAW Hall, meaning that the bridge that used to go over the creek is gone, so we had to splash through the creek or tip toe on the rocks set up.  The track is a mile loop and then met back up at the path to cross again. Waited with 10 squats on my cadence to give Toe Jam and Pancreas time to set up for the live shot of us running back through the creek. Then back to Evans Park!
Convergence announcement for this Saturday.
Praise for Hot Mic’s niece’s surgery going well
Prayers for the CO shooting and the state of our nation.
I had been jokingly saying that my M had taken a Spring Break last week and I could not post last week as I had to be home in the morning with our two 2.0’s making sure they were all set for school, as it was not their Spring Break yet. But her trip was made possible because I encouraged her to go, to refuel, to spend time with her mom (who is widowed), and to relax. She came back very grateful and re-energized, and as an added bonus – gifts for us! So I encourage you all to empower your M’s to have time for what fills her tank, feeds her talents, and makes her feel empowered personally and spiritually.
When we selflessly feed into our M, it is only good for us as well. @Pancreas reminded me of this verse:
“…husbands should love their wives as their own bodies, He who loves his wife loves himself.”
Ephesians 5:28

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