Uprising – 9.15.2020

9 came out for a different run today than the usual #uprising , and it was a tough workout! @Peewee @Pancreas @Timeshare @Heidi @Lone Star @unicorn @Dizzy Gillespie @Joey Freshwater and YHC
Warmup run 1.25 miles
Some much needed stretching
Cones were out on sugar ridge rd, separates by exactly a quarter mile. We ran at a fast pace (too fast on the first one!), then took a 60-second break. Repeat 6 times, then cool down 1.25 back to the Depot.
Important to stretch again at least one more time today. I got home and could feel it right away in my hammies, stretched out for about 20 minutes and definitely will stretch again later this afternoon or evening.
Announcements: @Rudolph virgin q tomorrow at #fort-pain , My alcohol intake continues to go up with all these virgin Qs, I LOVE IT! Speaking of that, whos bringin the beers tomorrow?!?
Also the 24-HR Marathon is coming, Friday November 13th from 6pm until 6pm Saturday night. More details to come, but plan on HC’ing, you don’t need to train for a marathon. It’s gonna be a great time- TRUST ME.

Prayer Requests: Timeshare’s buddy dealing with cancer, everybody’s mental state through this pandemic. I called @Timeshare to close us out and it caught him off guard. He did it anyway and it reminded me of the first time I ever prayed out loud. It was during an F3 COT.

I appreciate this group for everything but especially the third F. I did not have a ‘church upbringing’ so praying doesn’t come easy for me. Through the years it has really turned into a blessing and I’m honored to pray for those in our group. Keep fighting the good fight gentlemen.

On a personal note today was my F3 Anniversary- it was just 3 years ago today that I got into F3 in Charlotte and honestly I have no idea where I’d be without it. To quote Ron White on JRE yesterday: “Thank everyone. For everything. EVERYTHING”

Kwame out

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