Uprising – 9.14.21

“The Anniversary Q”
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Today we ran to the birthplace of F3SH- Harvey Park but on the way we did something we’ve talked about before- we picked up trash. Everyone wondered what the gloves were for, no PT, just trash pickup. Along the way the pax found 4 Easter eggs that represented my ReBirth (as an F3 brother) and the 3 Fs. I talked about how each one of them have impacted me as a person, and the effect the pax has had on my life. T-claps to all my F3 brothers near and far, you’ve all had such a profound impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough!
  • September 25th convergence- Franklin
  • Announcing coming soon about 24-Hr marathon coming in November
  • @hotmic’s dad
  • @blackout’s mom
  • @2Buck’s M and 2.0
  • @maryanne’s job transition
Moleskin: just to be thankful for the relationships we have built through the brotherhood that is F3, see pics of some verses in the thread that resonate upon that theme.
Kwame OUT

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