Uprising – 9.01.2020

Great morning for an #uprising, as 7 of us battled the gloom and came away victorious. Old friends @Mr.Bean and @Aladdin made it out, along with @Timeshare @Pancreas @Three’s Company and @Peewee .

Well the big reveal happened but the lead up was hilarious…

I found out earlier last week who lives at the massive property on sugar ridge rd while I was at my back specialist, In Motion. I was excited to share who it was and teased it on Saturday during COT. As we start our run this morning I’m catching up with Aladdin and I yelled to the guys in front of us “stop at the gate for the big reveal!”. Naturally he was curious so I told him I found out that I knew who lives there and he was like, “oh yeah it’s Jason Aldean”. I’m like “what?!? How did you know?” And he said he’s known for like 6 months. He was a good sport and still let me have my big reveal moment, so I appreciate that brother! :joy: Still a mystery what the ‘N R’ on the gate stands for. I can still try to solve that mystery I guess…

Announcements: come out for #fort-pain tomorrow, please sign up for a meal for @Foosball , but if not, there will be another opportunity for @Aladdin ‘s soon coming bundle of joy as well. His wife is due Sept 18, so we will also get a meal train going for him as well.

Prayer Requests: overall health of the group, safe, happy and healthy babies and mammas

Men- I read something on Facebook yesterday (amazingly it was not political or toxic!) that just spoke to me. Treat everyone you come across with respect, dignity and positivity- you never know what someone is going through, and you never know how much of an impact- good or bad- you can have on someone even in the shortest of interactions. Your positivity and joy could be just enough to lift someone’s spirits enough to take them out of a dark place. You might never know it, it might not be spoken, or you may never see that person again, but just something to think about as you go about your day. Be the light to someone’s darkness. Love you all and follow the Kwame Household rules- we only have two: BE KIND AND LISTEN.

SYITG, Kwame

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