Uprising – 8.03.21

28 HIM came out in the gloom to attack the Duplex Dip for some max effort hill sprints. Honor leading you men this morning! 
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Q – @Chowdah – Community Outreach 
Max effort hill repeats on Duplex with choice of either direction.
Great effort by all and as @2Buck mentioned is was really cool to cheer each other on and seeing many high fives!
One mile Cool Down mosey back to Longview
Announcements – check slack haha
SOG CSUP this Saturday
F3 Dads Sunday at 2pm at Fort Pain
Mall Cops Marriage
Pre Ks fire chief for his heart
Stag coming home with a full heart
Blackout, M, and Baby
Tijuana M’s Grandmother – Covid recovery.
Prayer – This was very difficult for me when I first started. I felt like I was at the pearly gates getting judged for my sins. It was stressful. With no background and Church absent in my childhood I was “not right.” To “Get Right” I needed to learn the discipline of prayer. My wife coached me to ask God to meet me where I am at and to give thanks and to talk about my past and share it with God. This was great advice and I felt better! Use daily prayer to help you Get Right and to relieve stress, not cause it.
Thank you again men. We make each other better every day! God Bless!

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