Uprising – 7.21.2020

12 strong for uprising today- great job men! Big ups to @Cosmo and others, who pushed through with PRs for distance, time, etc

And welcome to both @Tubbs and @timeShare, two more FNGs!!!

Glad to see @Foosball @Pancreas @Lone Star @Operation@Tiny Dancer @Cosmo @Three’s Company @Peewee @Gremlin all make it out today.

Don’t forget @Foosball is on Q tomorrow for Fort Pain at Sarah Benson Park at 5:30, and The Crucible on Saturday, August 1st at Lowe’s parking lot at 5am.

Praise for the process for my mom and sister as they recover from COVID-19, prayers to Cosmo’s grandpa for his health.
Let’s continue to foster great relationships with our families, friends, coworkers, etc through our leadership men.
SYITG, Kwame

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