Uprising – 6.29.21

The Pax consisted of 20 HIM:
@Singlet @Timeshare @Soul Glo @Billy Madison @Peewee @Pancreas @Cross-Stitch @Fertile Myrtle @Thin Mint @FNG (Tree Hugger) @mallcop @Flash Dance @mousepad @MapQuest @Jalisco @Baby Gap @Heidi @Three’s Company @Joey Freshwater
YHC: @2Buck

MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR TIMES IN THE COMMENT SECTION!  I’ll compile them in one location to compare our final results with in a month!

5k baseline
Warm up and stretch
Run 5k
Cool down

T-Claps to @Flash Dance for spending quality time with @mousepad and walking him through some speed work today!

Running tips:  when you hit that wall and your mind is telling you to slow down or quite, start focusing on form!
– Breathe – slow deep breathes in through your nose and out of your mouth. Regulating your breathing will regulate your heartbeat.
– Posture – think about thrusting your hips forward as you run. It will help tighten your core and minimize wasted movement that happens as you get tired and your form starts to get sloppy (think of holding a mini Alabama prom date while running)
– Hands – loosen your grip. Running with tight fists sucks energy as your muscles will fatigue and waste oxygen that is better used elsewhere. Imagine you’re holding a potato chip in each hand. Transfer the potato chip from your hip pocket to your shoulder and back again. Minimal movement.

7/2 – 5-8pm F3SH table at First Fridays in Columbia in front of Muletown Coffee to kick off new Columbia AO
7/7 – Queen retest and baseline.
7/10 – 6am New Columbia AO launches at Riverwalk park.
New AOs!!!!  Read @Heidi ‘s post in #f3springhillgeneral

Prayer Requests:
@Joey Freshwater – folks moving to town
@Pancreas  – deep talk with dad and shared gospel. Continued prayer for god moving in his life.

Read the highlighted section below from a book by John MacArthur. Regardless of where you are in your child rearing days, you can always look to get 0.5% better. Like @Three’s Company shared yesterday you can always start over!  That’s the beauty of God’s Grace.

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