Uprising – 6.15.21

24 HIMs showed up in the gloom to get better and stronger today. I am truly blessed to be out there with each of you today!
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QIC @Chowdah

We covered the different types of running workouts; Speed, tempo, easy, long.

The Thang
We mapped out a one mile stretch of road and ran 1/2 mile warm up and then we completed :20 second strides / recovered and repeated. Great job by all!

June 19 – 6pm Fellowship of the Ms (wives) and s’mores @ragdoll house
June 26 – F3 Nolensville Convergence

Prayer Requests
 Continues prayers for the Fennema family and Mike. Prayers for @Chowdah wife, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

In running as in life it is crucial to vary your speed and type of workout or lifestyle. If you always do speed workouts or live in the fast lane you will burnout or crash. If you always run slow or are a couch potato you will never get faster or accelerate in life.
Variety of running workouts keeps you interested, always improving, and not getting injured. Variety in life is the spice they say. Mix up your routine in life. Take your M out, do a random act of kindness, volunteer, and most importantly, always be accelerating in your workouts and in your life!

Thank you Men, you are all HIMs!

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