Uprising – 6.08.21

20 HIM showed up to help YHC wrap up his 41st trip around the sun and symbolically orbited the grass area just south of Longview Elementary.
PAX – @Fertile Myrtle @Dizzy Gillespie @Pancreas @Timeshare @Thin Mint @Soul Glo @Peewee @MapQuest @Chowdah @Billy Madison @Night Light @Jalisco @Joey Freshwater @Kwame @Singlet @Heidi @Olive @Cross-Stitch @Flash Dance
Q: @2Buck

Pace chart:
The pace chart was used to motivate the Pax to push themselves in the following ladder style workout:
1 lap – 5k race pace
1 lap – recover
2 laps – 5k race pace
1 lap – recover
3 laps – 5k race pace
1 lap – recover
Then drop down the ladder and back up until time
Mosey back to the shove flags for a wrap up stretching session.

– June 26th – convergence @ Nolensville. Be there or @Heidi will hunt you down. 6am start time 1.5 hour beatdown.
– Columbia AO starting 7/10. Will be held at Riverwalk park and be lead by @2Buck. Start time will be 6am and it will be a bootcamp style beat down.
– 2nf F lunch on Thursday at Jonathan’s. See @Kwame for details.
– 6/19 HIM & M at @ragdoll’s

Prayer requests
– @Flash Dance co-worker’s granddaughter is hospitalized
– @Billy Madison mother in law is visiting. Prayer for peace during visit.

St Francis of Assisi has been given credit for the following phrase:
“Preach the gospel at all time and when necessary use words.”
It is believed it was derived from this original statement:
“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”
Both ring true:  let your actions speak louder than your words. Jesus’ action of sacrifice on the cross is the loudest statement of love.

A rainbow appeared this morning. It was a reminder of God’s promise to Noah and to us that he will never again destroy the earth in that manner. It was a gift he gave to mankind that reminds us of his love and mercy. Let’s remember that gift when we feel overwhelmed by the waves in our lives! 

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