Uprising – 5.25.21

16 HIM took to the streets of Spring Hill to spread the good word of F3SH!!  Two routes were created. A 3.3 mile route and a 4.8 mile route. Segments were called out for those who are in to that sort of thing!

PAX: @Heidi @Sully @Peewee @Chowdah @Pancreas @Night Light @Kwame @Baby Gap @MapQuest @Singlet @Joey Freshwater @Soul Glo @Rudolph @mallcop (FNG) @slash (FNG) YHC: @2Buck

New AO at port royal park tomorrow!
Memorial Day Murph at Nolensville and here.
@Heidi on Q at M’boro this Saturday

Prayer Requests
@MaryAnne recovery
Kyle Anderson’s family
@Singlets friend Michelle has a miscarriage

Jesus’ first miracle – water to wine
John 2:6-8
Jesus used water jars to turn water in to wine. But the water jars were empty before he used them. Sometimes we feel empty or at the end of our rope. It’s in those moments that Jesus can work a miracle in your life. So if you feel emptied or know someone who is, take heart in knowing that Christ can work a miracle.

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