Uprising – 5.11.21

19 PAX came out for a good old fashioned run up a hill (bertha)

At 5:29 we started stretching with some good mornings,  some unnamed quad stretch that I've always done for some reason, hamstring stretch, Willie Mayes Hayes, runner stretch.
Then we ran up the nearest hill.  Bertha.  Several of us got to see a huge pig who was put at the road greeting us.

Lots of dudes running hard.

When we got back to the depot I announced that I left my cell phone at the clown car rendezvous… meaning I would probably forget most of the moleskin and prayer requests.  Which happened.

Announcements:  we have the opportunity to serve THE WELL this weekend by volunteering to either set up, or set down the concert.  Free tickets to concert is the reward.
Saturday opportunity to go to Murfreesboro to help them launch a new AO
Pancreas mentioned another opportunity to visit a neighboring F3 that I can't remember (I think maybe Hendersonville maybe tomorrow???)
Beacon Hill this Friday

Prayer Requests :
Continue to pray for @2Buck 's job search and Pray for all the PAX unable to post for whatever reasons/struggles they have.

Moleskin: from the Qsource material I read the night before on accelerating your relationship with your M. If your “maintaining ” your actually going backwards.  I highlighted the part that stuck out to me about not meeting you M at the 50 yard line and going all the way to the redzone.  Don't keep score of who does what … example, sharing sleep duties with the kids…  which is happening in my house now.  It's a good read hopefully it's posted in here somewhere.
Sorry don't have the names of all the PAX who attended.
It was awesome today.  Look forward to tomorrow.

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