Uprising – 5.04.21

23 braved the gloom today at #uprising, and in traditional Tuesday fashion, and as Carl the greenskeeper would say, “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s coming down for quite a while yet, I’d keep running”. Or something like that 😉
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Traditional run towards Bertha with a @Cross-Stitch twist: every ten minutes drop and gimme 25 Merkins. Repeat until time.
Bonus 25 Merkins as the COT waited on the six.

2nd f lunch tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo at La Villa in Spring Hill
Black Ops workout in Kwame’s hood Thursday night at 6pm, anyone want to come out to support please get in touch with YHC
open house week, keep promoting and advertising for all events this week, including a breakfast after
Saturday’s armory Beatdown.

@Yo-Yo ‘s former manager has cancer and is in hospice- pray for peace over Kathleen and her family during this difficult time
@Chowdah ‘s M’s back- pray for comfort snd healing and strength as they work to get her back to healthy again
@Dizzy Gillespie ‘s friend’s funeral was yesterday- prayers for the family as they move on towards a difficult chapter in their lives and wisdom to see what that looks like moving forward
@Timeshare ‘s communication with his 10 year old. Prayers that Your will be done over their communication, and that time share can find an affective, loving way to communicate with him today and moving forward.

Moleskin: Today and everyday we need to consider our relationship with our Ms to be holy vs happy. Author Gary Thomas hits the nail on the head when he asks, “what if God designed marriage to be holy more than to make us happy?”
The challenge is to see marriage primarily as a way to become more like Christ by helping you become a serving, forgiving and more patient person.
If you see your spouse as having a unique role in helping you to become more like Christ, it frees you from becoming frustrated each time your marriage doesn’t make you happy. The great irony is that when you see your marriage primarily as a way to make you holy, give yourself to the process and humble yourself before your spouse, you often will end up being happy as a byproduct.
Do yourself a solid and read through 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18

SYITG, Kwame

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