Uprising – 4.06.21

13 HIM raced up Bertha today in YHC’s final hurrah as site Q…
@2Buck @Chowdah @Dizzy Gillespie @Heidi @Joey Freshwater @Lone Star @Pancreas @Peewee @Timeshare @odouls @Fertile Myrtle @Mike Leak aka Flashdance and YHC
YHC teased an announcement and built up the drama as @Timeshare was DYING to know, but it was saved for the end. Instead we clown car’d to the cemetery so that we could warmup going down on Bertha (insert inappropriate joke here) before giving her our fastest, strongest effort on the way back up.
After some stretching and ramp ups at the bottom @Heidi was so kind as to keep us alert of the timing and really did a great job of encouraging us to keep moving in a positive direction. 
All in, we now own 8 of the top 10 times on the Sugar Ridge Climb segment on Strava, and suffice it to say we would have 9 if @Mike Leak were to ever join Strava! Great job by all today.
Thursday lunch at noon, location TBD, either La Viva Market or T-op Poke Bowl or Nellys (I heard they have salad there).
Week from Saturday Gauntlet happening in Nolensville
3 open spots remain on the Bourbon Chase team running relay. Reach out to @Kwame if you want to know more about it.
F3 Dads event coming up end of the month, see @Dizzy Gillespie for more event details.

@2Buck and his M as they have family (his in laws) arriving today- prayers for patience and peace to persevere and to allow grace room to operate within their hearts during this time.
Ditto for @Kwame’s family as we welcome in family today and for the next two weeks.
@Chowdah and his M as she has health issues that may prevent her from traveling this week- prayers for calmness and stress levels to remain low during this time of uncertainty

Moleskin revolved around the Jester, not just some funny, goofy dude that hangs around the king and queen all day. He has much more sinister intentions, read all about it in the #moleskins channel, pax.

One final announcement, the passing of the guard took place today, as the site Q for #uprising has been passed from @Kwame to @2Buck. Please help me in congratulating @2Buck. We all know with certainty that he will rise up to even greater heights not only with his running art but also with his outstanding leadership and encouragement. The floor is now yours, brother!
SYITG, Kwame
P.S. Nice shovel flag! Pork Chop addition was a nice touch

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