Uprising – 3.30.21

On this day, National “I am in control Day” 12 HIM took control of their morning by surrounding themselves with HIM who were equally desiring to release control of something to Him who is ultimately in control.
PAX: @MaryAnne @Peewee @Pancreas @Tijuana @Joey Freshwater @Headshot @fancyfeast @Three’s Company @Heidi @Cross-Stitch @Lone Star YHC @2Buck
– Good Mornings
Prior to the start of the run YHC challenged the PAX to think of things in their life they think they are in control of, but really need to release control of. To grease the skids YHC disclosed his anger issues with his M and 2.0s.
Run 20 minutes out, turn 180 and run back.
@Peewee – moved up the Big Bertha leaderboard to 3rd place.
@Cross-Stitch – set SEVERAL PRs – 5k, 2mile, 1mile, 1k, 1/2mile, 400m. Most impressive was his “going home speed”. Way to finish strong!
@MaryAnne – PR – 2mile
@Tijuana – PR – 2mile
– CSAUP – Gauntlet – April 18th
– Queen baseline tomorrow at 5am at SBP
– Check Q Calendar for opportunities to serve the PAX!
Prayer Requests:
– @Pancreas neighbor Frank – Divorce and depression
– @2Buck job interview
– @Cross-Stitch family travel safety to Michigan
– @Heidi – daughter attitude issues
In addition to today being National “I am in Control Day” it is also National “Pencil Day” and National “Doctor Day”
QIC passed out pencils (colored pencils to be exact) and pieces of paper and asked each HIM to write some things down that they wanted to release control of to the ultimate healer (the Good Doctor). Time was given to share what some of those items were and attention was given to the fact that our desire to control comes from a source of pride. QIC then collected the pieces of paper, stacked them together and symbolically burned them, representing the PAX sacrificing our control of whatever we wrote down. This point was driven home by remembering Christ sacrificing himself so that we don’t have to control these things.  We no longer have to make burnt sacrifices because he is the ultimate and eternal sacrifice!
Grateful to serve along side the F3SH PAX,

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