Uprising – 3.16.21

“The one where Heidi wished he was Q”
14 HIMs did more than just show up to #uprising this morning, we pushed ourselves through the gloom on our way to a few PRs.
@odouls @Jazz Hands @2Buck @flashdance @Peewee @Tijuana @Three’s Company @Timeshare @Dizzy Gillespie @Heidi @Pancreas @MaryAnne @Tiny Dancer YHC
Just the basics today: up Bertha and back. It was good to see her today. Check out @2Buck ‘s post in #uprising for some PRs and a dig at YHC that was total #fakenews.

Convergence coming up at end of the month, reach out to pax we haven’t seen in a while, want to get as many out as possible to show off our growth in F3SH.
VQ for Odoul’s Friday at #musclebeach

@Tiny Dancer’s friends sister Michelle (prayers for peace during this week)
@Pancreas friends Michael (battling covid) and his M (taking care of the kids during recovery)- pray for health and healing
@2Buck for his job interview on Monday and praise for his son who is doing better
Safe travels and health for all pax traveling during spring break this week
Moleskin spoke to having trust in God (Hebrews 13:5) to get you through tough times. Further detail in the #moleskins channel, check it out :
SYITG, Kwame

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