Uprising – 2.9.21

Chumps are growing in numbers. TWELVE HIM showed up to get their run on while the rest of Spring Hill still hadn’t had enough coffee to wake up from that snoozer of a super bowl.
PAX: @Stair Master, @Dangle, @MaryAnne, @Kwame, @Fertile Myrtle, @Bogo, @Pre-K, @Peewee, @Joey Freshwater, @Foosball, @Lone Star, and QIC @Three’s Company
To work on our speed for longer distances, I wanted to try some interval training where we would run for .2 miles at a normal jogging pace (40 to 50% of full speed), then at least 75% of full speed for .1 miles, then repeat.
The original plan was to cycle through this three times ( .9 miles) then circle back to pick up the six. This proved to stretch the PAX out too far, and I started to get an earful from @Kwame about my poor leadership (and I reminded him that we probably had 12 PAX today because they knew he wasn’t the Q). Everyone proceeded with some hint of the Qs instructions to the top of Big Bertha and there we planked to wait on the six.
Q changed up the instructions for PAX on the run back. This time only go through one cycle (.3 miles) then pick up the 6. This proved more effective in keeping the group together, and allowed us all to dig in together and push each other for the faster segments.
We almost all finished together, until @Dangle and @Peewee showed tremendous bravery, teamwork, and camaraderie by being the only two PAX to go back and pick up the six!  But sadly, they were mistaken, and everyone was already all in. It’s the thought that counts though fellas, and I was inspired by your willingness to leave no man behind, even when there is nobody back there.
All in all a great run with some speed work, and I hope everyone felt the same. Thanks for giving me some time to figure it out, and I had some great learnings for the next time we try this interval training.
– @Operation has the Q at #fort-pain tomorrow
– As our numbers grow at #uprising, let’s make sure we all HC so we know how many will be there, and if we get close to ten or more, maybe a few people could volunteer to park at Evans Park and carpool to the site.
Prayer Requests:
@Fertile Myrtle was contacted about a potentially exciting job opportunity. Prayers as that situation develops
@Timeshare and family for the loss of his grandmother and uncle, including safe travels
@Stair Master. Prayers for his M – due in May with third 2.0 and has been experiencing a lot of pain.
Moleskin: Never been a big Tom Brady fan, but I can’t deny his football greatness. In honor of his 7th ring, I was reminded of a book I read three years ago called The Four Agreements. Tom Brady actually recommends this book, and says he reads it again every year or so as a reminder. It’s basically four “agreements” you make with yourself, and they apply to all aspects of your life.  I will post a picture of the four agreements below, and I check in from time to time to see how I’m doing on each of these. I always think of Tom Brady on the 2nd one, because like him or not, he has consistently risen above his “haters” his whole career.
Thanks for letting me lead this morning gentlemen!

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