Uprising – 2.16.21

“The one where @Heidi made us all look like, well, chumps”
9 HIMs got after it on a cold, gloomy morning today. 8 degrees, windchill -3. But none got after it like @Heidi .
@Fertile Myrtle @Chowdah @Three’s Company @Rudolph @Pancreas @Heidi @Peewee @2Buck and YHC
We met at the intersection (literally, check photos from @Rudolph and @Peewee ) of Commonwealth and Duplex and ran towards 65. All except for @Three’s Company and @Fertile Myrtle, who met us further down Duplex.
@Heidi set the pace, leading us to a Family Feud style game of “things you never thought you’d hear said about Heidi at uprising”
Top 4 answers on the board:
Looks like Heidi’s turning around to pick up the 6!
Let’s pick up the pace guys, we gotta go catch Heidi.
who the heck is that way in front of peewee and Chowdah? Heidi?!?!?
I just love when Kwame wears that speedo!
Great run guys, we definitely owned the gloom, it was super peaceful (thanks @2Buck for having us stop and hear the creek nature sounds despite @Three’s Company not being able to shut his yapper) and also thanks for the @Rudolph sighting! Good to see you brother, and glad @Pancreas had a walking buddy today 
Announcements and prayer requests were short and sweet- praying for physical and mental health of our Ms, particularly @2Buck and @Chowdah’s. Next time we will know better than to take a knee to pray in the middle of the street!
Nice work, men.  SYITG, Kwame

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