Uprising – 2.08.22

Backblast: “Return to Bertha”
PAX: @2nd F Kwame, @Clipart, @Foosball, @Crush, @Blackout, @Timeshare, @Peewee (TRAPP), @Chowdah, @Joey Freshwater, @Fertile Myrtle
FNGs: none
Q: @2nd F Kwame
Count: 10
Ten pax braved the cold in a nostalgic trip back down Sugar Ridge Hill Road and a date with our old gal Bertha. For some it was a first encounter, others it was a beautiful reminder of the relationship from yesteryear. Let’s just say our passion was rekindled, leaving us breathless and spent by the time she was done with us.
We all agreed we missed the beauty and landscape from Sugar Ridge road, and I vow to revisit her regularly. Btw, I’m currently the local legend, as I’ve now ran Bertha TWICE in the last 90 days. Challenge has been laid down.
Announcements: check slack, cannonball run( first Saturday in March), Franklin convergence( last Saturday in February), and depot dash (April 2nd) all coming up in the next few weeks.
Prayer requests: prayers for @Billy Madison, @Fertile Myrtle’s youngest 2.0 health, @MapQuestand @2nd F Kwame’s families for recent losses, and for the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.
Moleskin: comes from the Meeting section of Q Source (1.12)- The odd thing that a HIM discovers when he summons the discipline to Meet despite being in a valley is that there will be inevitably be a man there for whom the valley is an even darker and deeper place. Confronted by that Brother more direly in need than himself the HIM will forget his own woe just long enough to minister to him–and in the momentary forgetting of himself, POOF, find that he has returned to his own mountaintop.
This is the power of Faith and the secret sauce to why F3 is an Effective Organization. The Joy of forgetting oneself in service of another surpasses all understanding. It is the foundation of Hope.
Guys, there’s a reason you are needed out here and it goes beyond your own comprehension. There’ll be sometimes where you know instantly that you were needed, and you’ll appreciate that you were in the right time, right place, and it will be obvious. But the majority of times it won’t be that obvious person that needs you. There will be plenty of times where your encouragement will go unacknowledged in the moment, but will be felt long after the workout is over. Be encouraged in knowing that you being out here matters. It matters in ways you may not ever know, but it matters nonetheless.
It was a pleasure to lead this morning, men.
Kwame out

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