Uprising – 12.7.21

Nine HIM came out this brisk morning to get better and start the day right.  @2nd F Kwame  @Fertile Myrtle  @Clipart  @Heidi (1st F Q)  @MapQuest  @Joey Freshwater  @Blackout @Snooki and YHC @Timeshare
F3 stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith. Frigid was the 4th F for today.
5 principles of F3
Free of charge
Open to all men
Held outdoors, rain or shine hot or cold
Led by peers in rotating fashion
Always finishing in COT
Run the down and out pattern with everyone getting in approximately 4.5m
Christmas parade this Saturday. Meet at 4pm at Evans park
Bell Ringer this Saturday
Christmas on the 25th – Thanks @2nd F Kwame
NYE spring station church new running AO for Friday’s
Rengage marriage class starting 1/24 kwame
Bridge church volunteers needed for single mom party tonight.  See @Snooki
Prayer Requests
@Snooki brothers situation.
Those less fortunate this time of year
Often time we contribute our moleskin to something we’ve reflected upon over the previous week.  Most times these can be reminders.  I needed to remind myself to be present and an active listener for my 2.0s and not allow my professional life to trump that.  Here are 5 things that come out of being an active listener.
Builds trust and respect. Using active listening skills shows the other person you care and are interested in what they are saying. People are more likely to come to you when they feel trusted. This might be a partner whom you had a conflict with, a child or teen wanting to confide in you or a colleague hoping to solve some issues at work.
Non verbal communication skills such as eye contact, leaning in or nodding your head, allows the other person to know you are engaged and truly listening. You appear interested. This allows the person to be more honest and forthcoming. People are more likely to talk openly if they are feeling heard.
 When practicing active listening skills you have a better chance of truly understanding the person and their situation or need. You have empathy for the other person. In the simplest terms, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of the other person. The door is open to solving a problem if needed or talking through the issue more freely. By listening you are allowing yourself to gain insight from what they have to say.
Using active listening skills reduces the chance of miscommunication (especially if the other person is also using the same type of communication skills). However, even if it is one sided you will notice less conflict.
Active listening skills can help eliminate conflict, anger and resentment. When we don’t communicate with people, we tend to assume what someone is thinking and feeling. Unfortunately, this can lead to miscommunication and possibly create anger, resentment and other negative emotions. If you choose to use active listening skills you will learn, rather than assume, what others are thinking and feeling.
Thanks for allowing me to lead men.  I’ve loved #ao-uprising from day 1 and continue to do so.  Have a great rest of your week.
Timeshare out.  SYITG

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