Uprising – 12.31.2019

Two strong for an extra long Uprising this morning. Bogo and Pancreas represented the Sugar Ridge Gang and ventured further out for a 10k (actually Strava said 6.4 mi when we returned to Kwame Depot).

Great discussion along the way – I really enjoyed getting to know Bogo better and having some ISI time. When Bogo left I went back for a second stab at Big Bertha and some more mileage. Totaled at 10.36 miles. Beautiful morning and a great start to the day.

Prayer requests for Bogo’s coworker who is going through health issues. Prayers for Pancreas and conversations with my dad in the near future. Prayers for all the F3 men to grow in faith and as husbands, fathers, and leaders. Prayers for F3SH growth in 2020!


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