Uprising – 12.29.2020

7 strong for a full moon uprising today…
@2Buck @Pancreas @Timeshare @Three’s Company @Bogo @sharkbait (welcome!) and YHC

The gloom was gloomier than normal this morning- not sure if it was the brisk windy weather or the feeling of deja vu climbing up Bertha today but 7 challenged themselves to get stronger this morning and succeeded.
We welcomed our newest FNG, who almost became OVERBOARD until @Pancreas pulled out @SharkBait at the last moment- well played, sir!
Pancreas also on Q for the last #fort-pain tomorrow, come get you some.
Convergence Resurgence on Friday (6am at Sarah Benson, 60 minutes), @2Buck hosting a #the-trapp field trip Thursday at McDonalds by Church of the City.
Prayers for @Bogo ‘s parents with Covid (in related news, covid does indeed still suck), @Pancreas ‘s daughters fish burial today.
Gents- it’s always tough to get up and suffer in the gloom. And it’s always easy to convince yourself it’s better to not come out- too comfortable in bed, too cold outside, not enough rest, etc. Challenge yourself to win out vs the voice in your head trying to keep you from getting better and stronger. Overcome the excuses that get into your head when you first wake up. Be better- not for anyone else, but for you.
SYITG, Kwame

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