Uprising – 12.22.2020

Another Tuesday in the books, another strong group for an #uprising this morning! Only 1 left in 2020 (thank goodness!): @Tiny Dancer @Pancreas @Timeshare @Three’s Company @Dizzy Gillespie @Fertile Myrtle @Chowdah and YHC
Colder than expected morning but everybody warmed up throughout the run. @Fertile Myrtle ‘s first time up Bertha was humbling (as it is for all of us) but persevered with @Dizzy Gillespie and a late show from @Pancreas to encourage along the way. Great work to everybody this morning!
Also thanks for playing along with a round of Zombie Skittles to close out the COT! That was just the #fakenews Christmas gift. To get the REAL Christmas gift (annual Kwame style gift) you’re going to have to show up this Saturday for…

ANNOUNCEMENTS: @Foosball back to back Qs, tomorrow at #fort-pain and Thursday at #thestandard

Kwame on the Q Saturday at #the-armory for the ‘12 Legs of Kwame-mas’. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be all arms.

Prayer Requests:
@Tiny Dancer travel and his work situation
@2Buck ‘s father in laws health
Praise that Kwame’s in-laws are getting back to health after covid diagnosis.

Keep fighting for those 2020 goals and finish the year out strong gents. Kudos to @Pancreas for pushing through this morning and making it out when his mind was telling him otherwise. The struggle is real, keep fighting the good fight y’all.

SYITG, Kwame

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