Uprising – 12.10.2019

6 strong at the Kwame Depot this morning for the Uprising!
Kwame, Three’s Company, Heidi, Pancreas, Bogo, and Mr. Bean (threes company’s brother in law)

48 degrees when we started, 40 when we finished, solid downpour of rain most of the way. Enjoyed the extra challenge of the elements!

“why did you come out this morning?
I didn’t have anything else going on…other than sleep”

Spring Hill Christmas parade on Dec 14th! Be there and help us expand our F3 Spring Hill presence. Bring out the whole family for a very enjoyable night- 4:30pm meetup, 5:00 parade start.

Prayer requests:
lot of families going through sickness/health issues right now, prayers for healing
Travel for Three’s Company’s M. We prayed for him but mostly for his children as he’s Mr. Mom :joy:

Great work this morning, men! Way to not let the elements deter you today :muscle::skin-tone-3::muscle::skin-tone-3::muscle::skin-tone-3:


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