Uprising – 12.08.2020

Fantastic run this morning with 7 HIM at the depot for an #uprising : @Pancreas @2Buck (bestie) @Three’s Company @Operation @Foosball @Joey Freshwater and YHC
Normal route, great weather, great conversation as always. Thanks got the push at the end @Three’s Company , I needed it. My 5 mile splits: 9:25 10:07 8:33 8:11 and 8:12! Those last three were thanks to you and @Foosball , appreciate you guys.
Lots of prayers this morning, if you read this please include these in your prayers today;
@2Buck’s 13 yr old son and his transition to a new jr high school
@Pancreas moms friend recovering from hip surgery and all the medical stresses that go along with that
@Three’s Company’s coworker Pam Pearson’s 25 yr old daughter killed in a traffic accident. Prayers for her family
Also Three’s sister-in-law Danielle dealing with anxiety and other health issues
Praise to the power of prayer last week as @Foosball’s presentation at work went extremely well, thanks in part to our prayers for him during the week he said. Amen brother!
I challenged each of the pax to reach out to five people that they haven’t connected with in a while to check in, knowing how vital this is during the pandemic.
The power to be there for even ONE other person is greater than any of us know. Even if you weren’t out there this morning please consider reaching out to old friends and coworkers to check in and see how they’re doing during this time.
Peace and love,

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