Uprising – 11.30.21

10 PAX faced the gloom to get fast and swole.
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We’ve all heard of Bertha.  She’s a fine gal. But have you heard of her ex-con brother-in-law who goes by the street name T-Bone? Well, he’s out on parole and we went face to face with him in the gloom. The route that’s named after him is shaped like a T-bone. I guess his friends thought they were creative.
The route: Longview to Duplex, left on Duplex down Duplex Dip. At the Port Royal intersection, turn around and run all the way to Miles Johnson. Then turn around and run back up Duplex, left on Commonwealth, and back to Lngview. A good 4 miles route. We learned that T-Bone is mean and ugly but he’ll get your butt you in shape if you hang around him long enough.
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Special mention of the #24hr-marathon this weekend
Beacon Hill next Friday, December 10th
Prayer Requests
@Jalisco – family unity and family peace
@2nd F Kwame – lean in with God. Next chapter for him
@Pancreas – neighbor walking through hard struggles
@Christmas Underoos – Sparkler needs support and God’s guidance
@Chowdah – Community Outreach – 50 miler this weekend
As men we have a lot thrown at us. We indeed have been given a lot of responsibility. Family, work, kids, church, F3, community service, etc.   Oftentimes it can feel like that we are spinning plates. We’ve all seen the trick. The plate spinner keeps adding and adding and adding more…while spinning them as fast as possible in order to prevent them from falling over. With every additional plate, the risk goes up.  And same goes in life.  As men, I think we can be really good about adding things to our list.  And after a while, it seems that we are spinning more plates than we can handle.   And eventually, some of them come crashing down.
At work I often have my team go through an assignment. I call it, START, STOP, KEEP.  I ask them to take an inventory of things they should start doing (what’s essential and missing from life), what things they should stop doing (what are the things that are not productive and a complete life suck), and what things they should keep doing.  Life is about priorities. We must work diligently to only keep the things in our life that bring life to ourselves, our relationship with God, and life to others.  And most of all I would argue, and scripture would back this up in Matthew 22, that the two most important plates and priorities that we have to keep spinning,  1. our devotion and time with God, 2. Our love for people. If we tend to these priorities, all other areas of life that should be priority will fall into place a lot more easily.  Luke 12:31 “But seek His Kingdom, and these things will be provided for you.”  As we approach the new year, I encourage us to take an inventory of all the plates we have spinning.  Let’s rid the things that don’t grow us as men. Let’s keep doing what currently fuels our soul (most importantly our faith in Christ and time with others).  And let’s add in what’s absolutely essential but missing.

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