Uprising – 11.03.2020

5 joined this morning for a chilly but calm and beautiful morning…
The Sugar Ridge gang was at it again! This time we let Bertha have her rest and instead we did ramp up sprints!
1 mile warmup to the “back forty”, then stretching with LBACs/WMH/GMs @Joey Freshwater @Rudolph @Timeshare @Three’s Company and YHC
The Thang-
200M rampups (x 10)
•1st 50M little faster than a mosey (50% pace)
•next 75M at 75% pace
•last 75M at 100% sprint pace
Finish with 1 mile cool down back to the depot
10k trail race this Sunday, connect with @Three’s Company or @Chowdah for details.
#24hr-marathon starting Friday November 13th at 6pm. Updates still to come, but planning on doing the morning runs at 6 and 7am with #the-armory crew to “wake us up” after the middle of the night runs. Then last two runs at @ragdoll’s place followed by a celebration.
TurkeyPath on Turkey day (duh)
Prayer Requests-
Praying for peace today, this week, and in the next few weeks as the country goes through a trying time for Election Day.
Also pray for @Cosmo and all the folks volunteering their time working at the polls today. It is a thankless job and we at F3 want to praise, thank and pray for all of those folks.
Men, it is a time to come together, whether the candidate you voted for wins or not. Understand that as a HIM in this community we are tasked with being a shining example for others to see, this means being a part of the solution. And that solution is bringing our community together. I love each and every one of you and as my late father used to always tell me, don’t hope you have a great day- MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!!!
SYITG, Kwame

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