Uprising – 10.27.2020

8 HIMs made it out this morning for a great run up Bertha, with a couple of new faces, old faces and older faces out there…

@Bogo (welcome back to tuesdays!)
@Rudolph (the virgin Upriser gave Bertha all she could handle, well done!)
@Three’s Company

Reminded the pax that the run stops after 45 minutes, not when you get back to the parking lot. Important reminder :+1::skin-tone-3:. I was nervous how that would come across but everyone handled it well- to my face anyway (“the nerve of Kwame…”).

•Halloween Gauntlet- need a final headcount for clown car purposes Saturday morning at 4:30am, port royal Kroger parking lot
•Peewee on the Q at #fort-pain tomorrow
@Dizzy Gillespie on the Q at #the-armory on Saturday if you are not doing Gauntlet
24Hr Marathon starts Friday, November 13th at 6pm. Working on logistics, considering crashing Armory party that Saturday morning, would be right in the middle of the marathon. Also logistics for finish line festivities at @ragdoll ‘s house. More info to come.

Prayer Requests
everyone’s mental health
Pax, don’t let a moment pass that you can share some pain going on in your life. The worst thing you could do is bottle it up. We are all here for each other in the great times to congratulate and we are here in the tough times to pray and help encourage each other. This group is a blessing to all of us, and I appreciate everyone so much. Thanks for the words of encouragement to me this morning. I know each time I come out I get closer to you all and get better each time- physically, mentally and spiritually.

I encourage you all to continue to be vulnerable. It truly is what we are here for.


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