Uprising – 10.26.21

22 HIMs put the PR in uPRising this morning!@Clipart @2nd F Kwame @MapQuest @Fertile Myrtle @Timeshare @Rudolph @Heidi (1st F Q) @Procter @2Buck @Chowdah – Community Outreach @Billy Madison @Tijuana @Wiggums @Corncob @Joey Freshwater @Jalisco @Dizzy Gillespie (F3 Dads) @Peewee (TRAPP) @harry caray @Blackout @Cross-Stitch
FNGs: None
QiC: @Pancreas
F3 Mission, Principles, and Disclaimers
General Pancreas Prancercise
Mosey to track
In retrospect, QiC may not have explained thoroughly to the newer PAX/those not active in Slack that this morning was the 1-mile PR challenge. Not sure. The Q-drenaline was flowing and YHC was focused on delivering the limited edition “PR” prison neck tats via sharpie. What? @MapQuest can do it at the Bourbon Chase, but y’all don’t like the idea for a work day?? At least the idea seemed good in my head. The Thang
  • Take some warm-up laps
  • At some point during the Thang, run a mile with the goal of setting a PR
  • Run the rest of the time with your bros and have fellowship
  • @2Buck @2nd F Kwame and any others who served the PAX by offering their pacing services. They’ll bill you later.
  • @Rudolph for passing me at the end and helping me to push to the finish
  • All of the PAX who came out and pushed hard, regardless of setting a PR. You men were accelerating this morning!
  • I know a lot of you hit a PR today, yet particular T-Claps to @Corncob and @Blackout for smashing their goals. Plus @Fertile Myrtle smashed his 2nd-best PR by 33 seconds. He was just too fast on Sunday!
Unintentional Moleskin #1: QiC reiterated to the PAX his theory that although we all have certain physical limitations, often when people say, “I can’t run that fast”, or “I can run that far”, it’s a mental perspective. The PAX proved this morning that they can push their pace beyond what they think they are capable of. Plus, the element of brotherhood and support was (and always is) definitely a factor in acceleration. #team
Announcements – LOTS this morning!
  • #ao-slag mountain launches tomorrow, with @Tijuana as the AOQ!
  • F3 Dads is this Sunday at Fort Fun!
  • @2Buck is hosting another demo day at the safe house on his property. Nov 13th
  • Darkhorse patches are available for $10 to support the fight against Human Trafficking. See @2Buck
  • Gauntlet CSAUP in Nolensville this Saturday, 10/30
  • TN Tussle team needs a replacement for @Corncob. See @Heidi (1st F Q) if interested
  • This Saturday 10/30, wear pink to Armory or Darkhorse to honor @Heidi (1st F Q) and his M as she starts treatment next Monday
  • Meal train for @Heidi (1st F Q) and his M. Check Slack and sign up!
  • Dec 11th, Bell Ringer trail race. Talk with @MapQuest @Procter @Foosball (3rdFQ) or @Heidi (1st F Q) if interested
  • VQ ALERT!! @Buckeye at #ao-darkhorse this Saturday, 10/30
Prayer requests
  • Praise for @Tijuana and family recovering from Covid
  • @Pancreas family grieving the loss of grandpa and great aunt
Planned Moleskin #2
This morning, the focus was on running fast. Yet, if you’re like me, isn’t that how most of our days go? If we don’t pause to be still and silent before the Lord in the morning, often we may not do it at all during the day. Yet, it’s not too late. We can pause and take a moment to be still at ANY point during the day, and that’s what we did before praying this morning.
In Ezekiel, I have been reading how often the Lord said to unfaithful Israel, “then you will know that I am the LORD.” While it is certainly important to engage in the physical posture of being still before the Lord, it’s even more important to adopt the HEART POSTURE of knowing that He is the Lord – and living accordingly. Let’s be men who make the time to be still before the Lord, to know that He is God, and to live in such a way that glorifies Him.
“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10Thank you all for putting up with my style of leadership this morning. I’m proud of you all and grateful to be just one part of this amazing team of men.
SYITG, Pancreas

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