Uprising – 10.13.2020

9 HIM made it out to the #uprising this morning and got better. It’s amazing to me the progress that is so visible to all of us from everyone that comes out to uprising, and to look back at where we all came from. Kudos to @Three’s Company @Pancreas @Dead Leg @Lone Star @Dizzy Gillespie  @Chowdah @Timeshare @Peewee for joining me this morning and pushing themselves to get stronger and stronger. Bertha didn’t seem so tough today (all due respect, Bertha)!

While there are two political candidates running for office, we are just running to run, and it gives me hope to know that people with opposing political viewpoints can have conversations about politics without getting upset or worse thanks to the convos I’ve been able to have with @Three’s Company while running. I appreciate you!

Prayers were spoken for me and my M for good discussion and for travel this weekend for grandpas funeral service, for travel that others will be doing soon, for Dizzie’s coworker going through divorce.

Gents- don’t shy away from the difficult (or perceived difficult) conversations in life- lean into them with an open heart and open mind, you just might learn a thing or two! I’m sure there is a biblical verse that backs that up, if somebody has it please share.


SYITG, Kwame

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