Uprising – 1.26.21

“The Time Kwame Ran in the Speedo”
A perfectly fine balmy morning for SPEEDo WORK at #uprising today, 13 braved those conditions to get better, including a 2021 goal already met!!!
@Timeshare @Peewee @2Buck @Fertile Myrtle @Dizzy Gillespie @Foosball @Three’s Company @Dangle @MaryAnne @Heidi @Lone Star @Joey Freshwater and YHC
YHC prepped everyone for the speedo the night before, but turns out it was just under the threshold to wear it today (it just clicked 49 degrees, the arbitrary cutoff to not wear it). Everyone was disappointed, so at the last second, after turning on my “nipple lights” through my shirt, @Lone Star  laughed and said “you can’t even see em!”, so YHC proceeded to strip down all the way to my speedo.
In an effort to motivate the pax to run fast and pass me up, I specifically started out quickly and in the front of the pack. @Three’s Company decided he would get out front early, so he immediately passed, followed by @Peewee  and @Timeshare. Everybody else decided to hold their distance, can’t say that I blame them. Good time was had by all, and there was no Bernard sighting, so that was nice.
T-Claps to @Three’s Company who set a PR today, already surpassing his goal of averaging sub-8 minute mile pace for the uprising run. He blew that away with a 7:50 pace, great job brother! Time to set a new stretch goal!!!
* @Three’s Company on the Q tomorrow at fort pain
* Cannonball Run, get details from @Heidi or visit our #csaup slack channel
* @Chowdah considering a new AO, a long, slower distance trail run on Friday mornings, still working out details
Prayer requests:
* @2Buck’s M, kidney appt
* @Pancreas’ disc issue in his back
Psalm 52:10-12
“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”
Be intentional about including God in your marriages. He needs to be centered in your relationship, listen and feel his presence, he’s always there. When you are in conflict with your spouse, whether you saying something in the heat of the moment you will regret or you take a minute away so you DON’T say something, that is the perfect time to let God in to be the voice of reason. He will give you the grace and encourage you to pass it on when you get back to the conflict, helping to deal with it in a healthy, respectful way.
Gentlemen, as always an honor to lead y’all this morning, thank you for the opportunity and next time I promise I’ll wear more appropriate attire 
SYITG, Kwame

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